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Listen: Spencer Clark's Monopoly Child Star Searchers music

January 2015

Listen to a selection of tracks by Spencer Clark

Monopoly Child Star Searchers is musician Spencer Clark, previously one half of The Skaters with James Ferraro. The first two tracks above are from Pinhead In Fantasia and the third is from HR Gigers Studiolo. Both albums are out on Ckark's own Pacific City Sound Visions.

Britt Brown reviews Pinhead In Fantasia in The Wire 371: "Of all the fountainheads to froth forth from the US underground of the 2000s, few cascade as deep into their imagination as Spencer Clark, and few have compromised less. His creations seem to grow more arcane, ornate and indescribable. Case in point: his new four hour suite of warped chamber music centers upon the cenobite creatures from the Hellraiser franchise – Butterball, Chatterer, the Female, and of course Pinhead – recast as Renaissance beings of enlightenment. That the idea came to him via a recurring dream involving a sentient, telepathic gold metal bolt would make it tempting to tease, even dismiss, were the sonic language not so compelling, and the radical mythology so nuanced in design."

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