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Listen to a track made on the Mute Synth

December 2011

Stream a track by John Richards, founder of Dirty Electronics and creator of the Mute Synth.

John Richards's Mute Synth – made in collaboration with writer and designer Adrian Shaughnessy and Mute label boss Daniel Miller – is featured in The Wire 335 in an article by Jennifer Lucy Allan.

Richards describes the synth: "It's not a new idea using the body to conduct electricity but it's such a great way to physically engage with an electronic instrument. I'd seen the Crackle Box, which is a similar instrument that was developed in the 70s, and thought a lot more could be done with the design. And I quite liked the idea that there weren't any knobs – a kind of knobless instrument."

Click here to watch Twisted Bodies Carry Electricity, a video documenting a performance by Eleonara Oreggio, Shidan Ye and Dirty Electronics. See a couple of Mute Synth modifications below:

Dirty Electronics - Stu Smith - (A.S.M.O.) Mod Mute Synth Mod by Stu Smith (aka A.S.M.O.) IDC Connection and Ribbon Cable with DIY Controller John Richards IDC Connection and Ribbon Cable with DIY controlle, John Richards and Stu Smith



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