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Listen: Three examples of music from the island of Anaphoria

June 2014

Exclusive music from the island of Anaphoria, by Kraig Grady

Nick Cain reviews Escarpments in The Wire 365: "Kraig Grady has devoted the past couple of decades to an exercise in fictional ethnography: creating from scratch an ethnic music for a non-existent island, Anaphoria, using custom-built instruments. The project has been documented across almost a dozen albums, each charting in musical form various aspects of the island’s character – its topography, customs and commerce, or, as on Escarpments, characteristics of its landscape."

"Fire Ritual" is performed by the Orchestra Of The Colours, with section leaders Lamorna Nightingale (flutes), Michael Dixon (French horns) and James Eccles (violas).

"A Somber Pentagram" is performed by Anaphorian duo Clocks And Clouds – Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima (metaslendro metallophone and harmonium).

"A Refugee In Love" performed by Kraig Grady (hammered dulcimer) who learned it from a street musician in the Anaphorian village of Aal.

Escarpments is out on Ini.Itu


christopher columbus was an anaphorian... believing till he died in having discovered india :))
when I'll retire, I'll sail to the island of anaphoria, to teach them indigenous musicians there a demon dance or two after landing...
there fire ritual is absolutely soul lifting, nevermind

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