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October 2011

Ursula Bogner, Diagram
Ursula Bogner, Meteor Shower Score
Ursula Bogner, Meteor Shower
Ursula Bogner, Moving Star Cluster

Listen to tracks from the second album attributed to Ursula Bogner and released on Jan Jelinek's Faitiche label.

"Sonne = Black Box", "Jubiläum", "Or Dor Melanor" and "Linernotes Faitiche05" are from Sonne = Black Box: Voice And Tape Music By Ursula Bogner. "Jubiläum Tonband 2" is an unreleased track, exclusive to The Wire. Above are several drawings and scores also attributed to Bogner.

Sonne = Black Box is released by Jan Jelinek's Faitiche label and reviewed by Adam Harper in The Wire 333. Also, read Wire contributor Nick Currie's (aka Momus) take on Bogner's identity, here.

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