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Listen: Eiko Ishibashi track

December 2014

Listen to an unreleased track by singer and keyboardist Eiko Ishibashi, featured in The Wire 370

Japanese singer and keyboardist Eiko Ishibashi's sixth studio album, Car And Freezer, was released as a double CD set in Japan earlier this year. In it, she worked with songwriter Maeno Kenta (whose group Soaplanders, like Ishibashi’s The Already Dead, includes Jim O’Rourke, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto and Toshiaki Sudoh). He wrote lyrics to demos sent to him by Ishibashi, and she in turn wrote her own words in English – resulting in two versions of each song.

In The Wire 370, Ishibashi tells Yusef Sayed: "I wanted somebody who was a different type of songwriter to me and who had never written lyrics for another singer, and I wanted to write in a foreign language. It was an experiment to see how words influence music and music influences words. I wanted to make an album which could grow in the listener’s imagination like a balloon."

Eiko Ishibashi’s Car And Freezer is released by Drag City


This is beautiful! It is like frost. Thank you xxx

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