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Wire Mix: Quantum Natives

November 2017

The Wire cover stars present an exclusive mix featuring unreleased material

Titled Chromabaric and with original artwork, this mix includes tracks by members of the Quantum Natives collective including Brood Ma, Dane Law, DeForrest Brown Jr, Rosen, recsund, x/o, Yearning Kru and others, many new and unreleased.

Track list:

DeForrest Brown Jr “What Is In A Grace Nexus?”
Yearning Kru “Dawn Canopy”
Dane Law “United In Dance (Eternal Return Of Summer)”
Taggerung “Boulevard”
Rosen “P_OST_TT”
Yearning Kru “Forways (Viktor Timofeev Remix)”
White Goblin “U+270C Victory Hand”
swiʌelized souηds “Penny For A Needle (W6iw9i Wonky Widget Remix)”
ornine “Water Heart (Tlaotlon Remix)”
o . o துஈசிதிசி திஇல்டூ “Freightface Dorkstop Lovepancake & Streganona Stampedo (Joane Skyler Pordas Intelopu Scud-mut Remix)”
Brood Ma “Vodka Redbull”
Yearning Kru “Gnome (Djwwww Fucking Remix)”
Goch “Terbium Energy Catalyst (2lön 010 Fulclenore Mix)”
Æthereal Arthropod “Wireless Theraposa (Susor Edit)”
Crown Shyness “Stormborn (Yma Remix)”
x/o “love & reb1111rth (angel mix)”
Brood Ma “ESTEEM Humble Like That (Robin The Fog Remix)”

Quantum Natives are featured on the cover of The Wire 406. Subscribers can read that issue via Exact Editions. Everyone else can buy a copy via The Wire shop.



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