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Listen: exclusive Bridget Hayden & Claire Potter track

May 2015

Stream an exclusive recording by the guitarist and artist Bridget Hayden and writer and artist Claire Potter

Frances Morgan writes about the collaborators in The Wire 375: "What we got was some kind of collaboration with the ether,” says guitarist and artist Bridget Hayden about the interplay of text and sound on her new release with poet Claire Potter, Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child, on Irish tape label Fort Evil Fruit.
The description sounds mystical and occult, as if the two had conducted some kind of electronic seance. In fact Hayden and Potter’s tape is far more disturbing, rooted in quotidian horror rather than occult thrills. The five texts, read by Potter and recorded and accompanied by Hayden, are taken from Potter’s 2014 book Mental Furniture. The first, “Ste’s Face Is Full”, a paranoid narration of a fight between characters who could be real or fictional (Potter tells me they’re names of characters from the TV soap Hollyoaks; her narrator is “identifying with a dark and tragic fiction as a substitute for identifying with a dark and tragic reality”). The next piece “Still Woman Cold” is delivered in a nocturnal whisper with stark physical detail that brings to mind Eimear MacBride’s recent novel A Girl Is A Half Formed Thing. Potter’s texts phase between a fearful past to a bleak present that culminates in “Wild Water Pigeon”, in which suicidal ideation takes place on an overcast day by a “man-made lake”."

Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child is released by Fort Evil Fruit

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