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Listen: Itasca track

January 2015

Listen to a track from Kayla Cohen aka Itasca's recent album, Unmoored By The Wind

Bill Meyer reviews Kayla Cohen aka Itasca's Unmoored By The Wind in The Wire 372: "The image of the solitary songwriter strumming away and singing her songs promises transparency, but a chief virtue of Itasca’s Unmoored By The Wind is that it doesn’t give up its secrets too easily... The first is the name that Kayla Cohen has chosen for her recording persona. Has she named her project after the suburb that sits in the flight path to Chicago’s O’Hare airport, or the Minnesota state park that contains the headwaters of the Mississippi? The natural and Aquarian imagery in her songs suggests the latter, but an album title that references instability induced by Aeolian processes and songs that reference invoke places from California to Ireland suggests that the former can’t be ruled out."

Unmoored By The Wind is out now on New Images and Marmara

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