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Listen: Rie Nakajima recording

December 2014

Listen to a recording from the improvisor Rie Nakajima's forthcoming album, Four Forms

Improvisor Rie Nakajima was born in Yokohama and lives in London. Initially moving to the UK to study sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art, she subsequently stayed on, performing and collaborating with the likes of David Toop in their duo, Sculpture, and with London’s Cafe Oto cofounder, Keiko Yamamoto. Earlier this year she won 2014’s Arts Foundation Award for Experimental Music, shortlisted alongside composers Lina Lapelyte, Richard Skelton and Jennifer Walshe.

Abi Bliss writes about Nakajima's work in The Wire 371: "Her improvised performances see her shepherd a twitching, buzzing, rattling herd of battery-powered motorised objects around a space. As each object’s distinct pattern of sound and silence combines with those of its neighbours, she shapes a dynamic and complex vibrating form: adding and subtracting elements, moving sounds to different locations and sending the more animated objects off to explore beyond the boundaries of the group. Such performances form a contrast with Fall, her recent installation at London’s noshowspace, in which a set of small, repetitive but symbolically rich mechanised movements took place without human stimuli: a wooden piston sinking into the surface of a yellow sponge fixed to the wall; a white cloth suspended by one corner slowly lowered onto the floor, then raised."

Rie Nakajima’s Four Forms is released in January 2015 on Consumer Waste


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