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Listen: Map 71 tracks

April 2015

Listen to two tracks by the Brighton based duo, Map 71, featured in Daniel Spicer's Brighton noise poetry feature in The Wire 374

Daniel Spicer speaks with the Map 71 duo in his Brighton noise poetry feature in The Wire 374: "[Lisa] Jayne is one half of the duo Map 71. The other is Andy Pyne, drummer, producer and the intelligence behind the long running label Foolproof Projects. Over the last couple of decades, Pyne has been involved in a wide variety of ecstatic musical projects – creating free jazz with The West Hill Blast Quartet (who I also play with), free folk with The Black Neck Band Of The Common Loon, avant rock with Kellar, and much more – but, with Map 71, he gets back to basics, usually playing just a single drum or primitive electronics. “With Lisa, I’m deliberately trying to move away from freakout mode,” he says. “What I’m harking back to is the first wave Industrial stuff – Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Whitehouse – and Suicide too. With Map 71 I’m trying to create rhythmical friction. I don’t want everything to lock together nicely and smoothly – I want something that’s going against it. The spoken voice works very nicely like that. It doesn’t tend to fall neatly on the beat. This is what I get out of the best dance music, the best techno – when things are slightly out from each other.”


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