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Listen: The Durian Brothers live in Tallinn

June 2013

Stream a recording of a performance by German trio The Durian Brothers, a reinterpratation of "Inside Palace" from their Clubs EP.

German trio The Durian Brothers are Stefan Schwander, Mark Matter and Florian Meyer. They play two pairs of Technics 1210s, prepared with elastic bands, sticky tape and Post-it notes, with Schwander on a sequencer and delay pedal, looping and layering sounds to create polyrhythmic patterns.

This recording was made at Tallinn's Rhythm Festival in May 2012, and is an interpretation of "Inside Palace", from their Clubs EP.

The trio live in Brussels, Düsseldorf and Karlsruhe, and meet for a day at a time to record music. Previous to their current split release with Ekoplekz's turntablist moniker on FatCat, they have also released a series of EPs under their own label, Diskant.

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