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Stream music by Los Llamarada

January 2012

Listen to the now-defunct Mexican outfit's 2009 The Collapse Of Today.

Monterrey, Mexico's Los Llamarada are featured in The Wire 336 in an article by Byron Coley. Their third and final album Gone Gone Cold is out now on S-S Records.

The Collapse Of Today was recorded by Los Llamarada at home in Monterrey in 2009 and released on CD-R. The stream is continuous without any breaks between songs. Tracklist as follows: "Blank Space", "Winter Call", "Possible", "Forgot The Name", "Only Forward", "Something Is Near", "Peeking At The Heartbeats", "The Meaning Understand", "The Everywhere Army", "Hit The Wall", "Didn’t Even Exist", "Everybody Knows Everybody".

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