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Listen: FE Denning Descension Orchestra

November 2014

Listen to the first part of a new release by the Copenhagen based FE Denning Descension Orchestra

The self titled FE Denning Descension Orchestra release comprises a selection of different players active on the Copenhagen experimental and underground scene, including: Kasper Stougaard Andersen on guitar, Frederik Denning on electric piano, Søren Gorm on bass, Casper Gottlieb on guitar, Claus Haxholm on guitar, Tobias Kirstein on drums, Sven Meinild on saxophone, Laura Berican Nilsson on bass, Kristoffer Raasted on drums, Rasmus Elm Rasmussen on keyboards and Christian Stadsgaard making noise.

FE Denning Descension Orchestra is out on Infinite Waves and Insula Records, an enlarged version of the ensemble play 19 November at Copenhagen's Jazzhouse venue.

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