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Listen: Heather Phillipson sound works

February 2015

Listen to two sound works by Heather Phillipson

Nathan Budzinski speaks with the artist and writer Heather Phillipson in The Wire 372: "The low and even quality of her voice is instantly recognisable once you’ve heard it. She uses it in practically all of her work, recording it close to the mic without any effects, as if producing an intimate podcast in her sitting room. Her tumbling stream of conscious narratives are full of philosophical ponderings, repeatedly interrupted by punchlines, cuts, visual puns and drifting tangents that are in turns anxious and humorous... “It’s generative,” Phillipson tells me when we meet in a cafe in East London. “The words you write create the need for more words, like in music where notes create more notes, the work grows out of that momentum. It’s like deciphering a puzzle, where one piece tells you what the next one should be.”... Phillipson has been active for the past several years, creating works for voice, performances, videos and installations, including an episode of London’s Auto Italia South East online live performance broadcasts and a segment for Channel 4’s Random Acts series, as well publishing her poetry, including a Faber New Poets edition in 2009..."

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