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Listen: Unreleased music by Nat Birchall

April 2014

Listen to an unreleased track by saxophonist Nat Birchall, covered in an article by Francis Gooding in The Wire 363

"Ithnaan" is an unreleased track from the recording sessions for Birchall's 2012 World Without Form album. It features Birchall on on tenor saxophone and percussion; Adam Fairhall on piano; Corey Mwamba on vibes and percussion; Nick Blacka on bass; Jon Thorne on bass; Paul Hession on drums and Andy Hay on wood flute and percussion.

Birchall started out being primarily interested in Jamaican roots reggae but was soon drawn to the sound of tenor saxophonist Cedric Im Brooks, specifically the 1973 Brooks/Count Ossie recording Grounation. This led him to Coltrane: “When I started to listen to jazz, that sound, the Coltrane sound, was familiar to me from the Jamaican saxophonists.”

“I didn’t do music at school... I was 21 before I got [a] saxophone. I’d bought a guitar a couple of years before, but I didn’t take any lessons. But when I got the saxophone, and took it home and played it, there was something about that sound that spoke to me more than the guitar did, something inherent in that instrument... My head was full of reggae music... I started doing it as a kind of hobby... but I never put it down, I just got deeper and deeper into it.”

Birchall's Live In Larissa: Divine Harmony In Duende Jazz Bar is released by Sound Soul & Spirit.


nat, please release this track on your next cd.its too good not to see the light of day.stunning music.

Simply beautiful music Nat

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