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Listen: Klavikon

June 2015

Listen to to the pianist's self-titled album, out on Nonclassical

Taking his cue from John Cage's prepared piano pieces Leon Michener's Klavikon consists of 14 pieces performed in real time with no looping or overdubbing. Attempting to reimagine electronic music through acoustic means, all the sounds in Klavikon were produced by attaching a variety of objects to a piano, including stones, credit cards, bolts and screws, toys and more.

Klavikon is out 12 June on Nonclassical


very beautiful release, thanks for the hint!

Impressive work!

This is stunning!

boing! thank you

All these various sounds only produced by the piano! Amazing.

Very interesting, i like the mix of found sounds.

I love this!!!

Wonderful! colourful, nice rounded kick drums and funky :-)

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