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Listen: To\To\Tu release

August 2015

Listen to a new release by a collaboration between the Danish percussion duo To\To and composer and noise musician Robert Turman

To\To are Tobias R Kirstein and Toke Tietze Mortensen, both affiliated with Copenhagen's collective underground music venue Mayhem. To\To\Tu emerged from their collaboration with American composer and tape manipulator Robert Turman, who comes out of the noise and industrial scenes of the late 1970s and early 80s.

The collaborators say that their new work together is meant to "pummel the listener into a drug-free new state of consciousness”, and that "it is an evocation of Eshu, Pan, Dionysus, Bou Jeloud or whatever one chooses to call the manifestation of the god that arrives in a whirlwind of dance, intoxication and madness”.

To\To\Tu was recorded in Copenhagen at Mayhem and is released on vinyl by the Austrian Halloween Creativity label.


How do I get in touch with them?
here you can order the record.
- its back from sold out next week.
euro people can get it here


btw... new release out
formely know as pamelia kurstin. epic cut

add block disable.

Robert also dropped a new record this week on mistake by the lake as part of the group Z.O. Voider which has been active since the mid 80s.

Or here:

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