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Listen: Mitchell Brown tracks selected by Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones

July 2015

Stream a selection of tracks by the Los Angeles based musician, improvisor and label runner

Gazebo Effect is a new album from Cameron Stallones's Sun Araw Trio XI – a new configuration of his Sun Araw group involving a new collaborator, Mitchell Brown. "While Alex Gray has been a longstanding contributor to the live aspects of Sun Araw,” writes Stallones, “Gazebo Effect is the first proper session with our longtime friend Mitchell Brown, a Los Angeles based polymath whose wide range of activities involve every manner of creative and supportive endeavour in underground and experimental music. Brown is founder and operator of Melon Expander Records – a label that has issued nearly lost early electronic works from Warner Jepson alongside contemporary recordings from Joseph Hammer and other LA Free Music Society tomfoolerisors. He also hosts multiple long running experimental programmes on radio stations KXLU and Dublab (one of them is disguised as a children's show), and a consummate improvisor who has lent his consummate skills to innumerable groups when he isn't composing solo.

“On Gazebo Effect, Brown's primary activity was to exercise the singular skill in which he has demonstrated mastery repeatedly: the constant manipulation of a quarter-inch reel-to-reel tape machine running a loop into which he could direct mine and Alex's live signal at will, creating an expressively evolving ‘obstructed’ interpretation of their instrumental interplay.

“Below find a small sampling of the broad and generous broadcast from his melon to the world.”

Mitchell Brown and Petra Haden
from Celadonia
(Melon Expander)

Mitchell Brown
"Disco Duck And Cover"

Sana Shenai with Jimmy Tamborello
"Passer Bypass/Autolight"
(unreleased – release(s) planned for 2016)

Brain Sucking Peanunanners featuring seven year old Sienna Sol
"Little Woman Of The Sun"
from The Meta Mega
(Melon Expander)

Points Of Friction
"When A Salamander Laughs"
from Afterlife DNA Finger-Painting (with Damian Bisciglia, Joseph Hammer, Tim Alexander and Kenny Ryman)
(Melon Expander)


Mr. Brown is not only a tastemaker with impeccable ears, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet!

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