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Listen: Tashi Wada track

January 2015

Listen to a composition from the American composer's recent album, Duets

Bill Meyer reviews Tashi Wada's Duets in The Wire 371: "Any time you ask two people to perform the same task, complications emerge. Even something so apparently simple as two cellists playing declining pitches in unison is fraught with potential disharmony – the sound thins and thickens as one or the other player varies the volume; beats emerge as one diverges from the other’s pitch. This is not a problem for composer Tashi Wada – son of the Japanese Fluxus musician and artist Yoshi Wada – but an opportunity to explore the way that sound betrays the human interactions that create it. The act of performing a score, as well as playing together or failing to do so, becomes a metaphor for how people enrich or sabotage each other’s efforts."

Wada's compositions are played by cellist Charles Curtis and his student Judith Hamann.

Duets is out now on Wada's Saltern label.

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