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Listen: full K-X-P album stream

March 2015

Listen to the entirety of K-X-P's forthcoming album III Part One

Joseph Stannard reviews K-X-P's III Part One in The Wire 374: "With their 2010 debut album, Finland’s K-X-P slotted neatly into the tradition of thuggish synth rock that includes Add N To (X), Trans Am, Kling Klang and Zombie Zombie. Since then, however, they’ve distinguished themselves as a weirder proposition than might initially have been expected, with subsequent releases taking unexpected detours such as last year’s dancefloor orientated The History Of Techno 12". III Part One identifies them as the dopier but more immediately gratifying cousins of fellow Finns Circle, with their techno leanings uneasily incorporated alongside stomping cosmic glam anthems and some correspondences to the shamanistic new beat of Grumbling Fur circa 2013’s Glynnaestra..."

K-X-P are Timo Kaukolampi (electronics, vocals), Tuomo Puranen (bass, keyboards), and alternating drummers Tomi Leppänen and, in the studio and on sometimes live, Anssi Nykänen. They're on tour through Europe from April, more details here.

III Part One is out on Om/Svart


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