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Listen to some of Peter Cusack's Favourite Sounds Of Berlin

July 2012

Stream a selection of location recordings made in Berlin as part of Peter Cusack's ongoing Favourite Sounds project. Cusack is the subject of The Wire 342 Invisible Jukebox, tested by Phil England.

"Accordionist Outside The Arminius Halle"
This accordionist often plays beside the entrance to the Arminius market hall, saying "hello" as you pass by.

"Football By Ear"
In Berlin you can follow matches by ear. This is Germany playing Greece in the recent European championships.

"Midnight Nightingale, Crystal Clear"
Berlin's nightingales are a joy to hear when coming home at night. Their songs from the dark interiors of parks, cemeteries, railway edges and playground bushes, are crystal clear even from a distance and they don't seem to mind if you approach more closely to listen. During late April and early May they are in full voice, particularly on warm nights.

"Wonderful Model Trains In An Urban Garden"
The model train setup in a front garden heard here is stunning, complete with stations, different types of German Railway locomotives plus all the accompanying sounds. It attracts a small, but admiring, crowd of adults and children alike.

"Mournful Fridge"
A particularly mournful fridge hum in my local supermarket. It's especially nice around the yogurts.

"S-Bahn Train In And Out Of Bellevue Station"
The sound of Berlin. These descending or ascending tones, which are totally characteristic of Berlin, can be heard all over the city and at considerable distances.

"Symphony Of Groans, Spreepark Ferris Wheel In Abandoned Fun Fair"
There are ghosts in the former East Berlin fun fair, now derelict and overgrown. The magnificent and colourful big wheel is still turning somehow. How I don't know – maybe wind, maybe a test of old machinery. The whole ground is private and enclosed but there are inviting holes in the fencing.

"Sychronous Kite Flying, Tempelhof Airfield"
Two kite fliers practicing extremely precise synchronous flying on a cold windy day, 25 November, 2011.

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