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Listen: Maya Dunietz

April 2014

Stream a vocal composition by pianist and improvising musician Maya Dunietz, featured in an article by Nick Cain The Wire 362.

Based in Tel Aviv, Dunietz is best known as a pianist but over the past decade has also performed in different groups, created sound installations and participated in performance pieces, theatre soundtracks, traditional folk, composition and improvisation.

Currently, Dunietz is putting together a new solo performance piece to be premiered at Palais de Tokyo in Paris in autumn, and a composition for a 600-person female choir to be performed in Jerusalem in September. Also on the horizon are a CalArts professorial residency in spring 2015 and a solo sound exhibition at a Tel Aviv gallery that following summer.

The above track was recorded 9 April 2014 in the Beit Govrin caves in Israel and composed by Maya Dunietz and Daniel Meir. Material from the recording session will be used on a forthcoming cassette release, part of My Dance The Skull's Voice Studies series, set for a summer 2014 release.


compellingly alluring and austere.

the witch of ejn-dor put a spell on a dead's spirit to prophetize for king saul... wasn't it nearby that cave? :))
nevermind, sounds quite compelling - and surprisingly influenced by japanese butoh performances!...

Love her work. Creative artist par excellence!

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