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Listen: David Van Tieghem composition

November 2013

Installation view of the Bulletin Boards exhibition

David Van Tieghem performing

Since the late 1970s David Van Tieghem has been using a variety of items to create percussion based compositions. His 1981 film Ear To The Ground (made with John Sanborn and Kit Fitzgerald) featured Van Tieghem wandering the streets of New York, drumming on different objects and surfaces. During his career he's worked as a percussionist with artists including Laurie Anderson, Arthur Russell, Steve Reich and others.

His forthcoming album is based around recorded improvisations on a collection of items attached to a billboard (see below), presented as part of a group art show. The items were selected by a group of ten musicians including Darren Ho, Eli Keszler, Hiro Kone, Megafortress and others. Van Tieghem then took the recordings and distributed them to the ten musicians who in turn manipulated the recordings and returned them to Van Tieghem, who finished the compositions. Click here to watch a mini-doc about the project. Also, in the early 80s, Van Tieghem appeared on the US talk show Late Night With David Letterman to talk about his work, watch that here.

Installation view of the Bulletin Boards exhibition

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