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Listen to tracks by Hanna Tuulikki

March 2012

Stream a selection of music by Hanna Tuulikki and her collaborators.

Two Wings
"Feet (Live)"

From an acoustic set at London's Cecil Sharp House, Summer 2011. Hanna Tuulikki (vocals), Lucy Duncombe (vocals) and Ben Reynolds (vocals and guitar). Recorded by Pete Coward and mastered by Michael Tanner

"Sunne's Return (Live)"
and "Unto You (Live)"
These two songs were recorded at a performance at London's Cafe Oto during the last Nalle tour in Summer 2010. Hanna Tuulikki (vocals, resonator slide guitar), Aby Vulliamy (piano, viola) and Ben Reynolds (lapsteel, harmonica). Recorded by Pete Coward and mastered by Michael Tanner. You can listen to the all Nalle's past releases here.

Hanna Tuulikki
"Salutation To The Sun (Replica) (2006)"

Tuulikki says: "A sonic representation of an early spring dawn chorus in Scotland in which 30 different bird sounds are created entirely from a single human voice. To begin with, I collected field recordings of each species of bird and then slowed them down to reveal the intricate detail of the songs and calls. In order to remember each phrase, I made rough transcriptions of the sounds, creating a kind of visual score for each bird (click here to see a poster of the score). I recorded myself imitating each phrase with my voice and then sped these up to match the original field recordings in pitch. The resulting composition was woven together from these ‘replica’ recordings, evoking dawn in a Scottish woodland saturated in birdsong. To hear more of these sound works click here."

Tuulikki is featured in an article by Clive Bell in The Wire 338. Her new album with Two Wings, Love's Spring, is forthcoming on Tin Angel Records. Two Wings are touring the UK at the beginning of April, go here for more information.

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