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Stream André Vida tracks

November 2011

Listen to a selection of tracks by the American saxophonist, lyricist and improviser

André Vida is featured in an article by Clive Bell in The Wire 334. His 3 volume Brud retrospective is released by the Pan label. Vida has compiled a selection of tracks from Brud alongside several unreleased recordings, see the full track list below:

"In My Steps"
Co-produced by Rashad Becker, Taylor Savvy on bass, Willie B on drums, André Vida: vocals, magic stick, glockenspiel and saxophone

"Wu Two"
from Brud Vol I
Andre Vida on baritone and alto saxophone

"Gypsy Star"
from Brud Vol III
Steve Heather on drums, Elisabeth King on accordion, Clayton Thomas on bass, André Vida on tenor saxophone

"A Case Of You" (by Joni Mitchell)
co-produced by Rashad Becker

"AxelRaDre" (excerpt)
from Brud Vol II
Axel Doerner on firebird trumpet and laptop, Rashad Becker on feedback cabinet, AV baritone and alto saxophone

from Brud Vol I
Anthony Braxton on sopranino saxophone, Corey Fogel on drums, André Vida on serge modular synthesizer

"This Side Of Waking"

co-produced by Rashad Becker, André Vida on vocals, steel drums and piano

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