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Listen: Tom James Scott track

January 2015

Listen to a track from the multi-instrumentalist's recent album, Teal

Derek Walmsley reviews Tom James Scott's Teal and The Landing in The Wire 371: "... for a few musicians the retreat into solo music making suggests a process of healing, reflection and meditation that quietly, if obliquely, reaches out to like minded souls wherever they may be. Multi-instrumentalist Tom James Scott is one such musician. Since relocating to the North West of England from London a year or two ago, his music has become even quieter and more self-contained, but has aligned itself with other makers of personal symphonies across the world, including fellow Cumbrian Richard Skelton, electronic noise makers The Caretaker and Kevin Drumm, and Australian collagist Matthew P Hopkins."

Teal is out on Scott's own label, Skire and The Landing is out on Where To Now?

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