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Stream exclusive Madalyn Merkey vocoder tracks

June 2012

Listen to a selection of unreleased compositions using a digital voice processor (DVP, or vocoder) and 4-track tape recorder, made by Merkey in 2010–11.

Merkey says that "30 July 2011 The Twist (Tornado Genesis)" and "25 August 2010" (three parts) "are all 4-track tape recordings from the same 81-minute tape. I used the DVP on the percussion patterns and synthesis. The combination is a shimmering chorus effect, crackling from the hot input signal into the DVP." Click here to download a PDF of Merkey's score for "The Twist"

"7 December 2011" is a DVP improvisation: "This recording is a typical daydream entry, looking to solve problems, talk things out, and make adjustments to the surrounding situation. If I do not have a script, I look for a groove, and record whatever comes to mind. It is a good way to generate material, but is usually a facet of a larger idea, not the final product. I like this style of recording: funny, personal, and serpentine."

Merkey is the subject of an article by Derek Walmsley in The Wire 341. Her album, Scent, is out now on New Images.

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