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Listen: Roscoe Mitchell tracks

May 2015

Stream a selection of tracks by the Art Ensemble Of Chicago founder, AACM member, improvisor, composer, team player and soloist Roscoe Mitchell

Howard Mandel writes about Roscoe Mitchell in The Wire 375: "It is tempting to write about Roscoe Mitchell as the man who put the art in The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, who most took to heart both the experimentalism of Muhal Richard Abrams’s Experimental Band, and the creative imperative of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), who has defied once and for all any gaps between jazz and post-Cageian composition. To do so is insufficient. Those identifiers aren’t wrong, but they depend too much on the man’s past. At the age of 74, Roscoe Mitchell remains a composing and improvising insurrectionist, a reeds-winds-percussion innovator intent on penetrating the deepest, most fundamental and furthest flung reaches of sound."

All the above tracks are taken from some of Mitchell's releases on the RogueArt label. And for details on all AACM activities click here


cracias por toda esta vella musica.

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