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Listen: The International Nothing and others

June 2014

Listen to music by the clarinet duo as well as some of their other projects. The International Nothing were featured in an article in The Wire 365 by Clive Bell

The Berlin based duo of Kai Fagaschinski and Michael Thieke originally came out of that city's Echtzeitmusik scene, initially meeting as improvisors in 2000 then performing and recording together from 2003.

Thieke tells Clive Bell how the duo has moved away from improv in their new album: "Parts of the improvised music scenes in various parts of the world moved consciously away from energetic, free jazz roots, and concentrated more on the use of noises in an abstract and more silent way, on sounds more rooted in contemporary composed music, with an emphasis on soft volumes and silences, up to a point when clear pitches almost disappeared in favour of noise. When Kai and I started to compose, it felt like going away from that mainstream, with our use of rudimentary melodies, our almost exclusive use of pitches instead of noise, composing instead of improvising, and [becoming] more oriented to song forms with their reappearing elements."

The tracks above are from their new album, The Dark Side Of Success, 2010's Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything and 2006's Mainstream (all released by the Ftarri label). Also included are two tracks by their avant pop project The Magic ID (Kai Fagaschinski on clarinet/right, Margareth Kammerer on vocals and guitar, Christof Kurzmann on vocals, g3 and lloopp and Michael Thieke on clarinet/left) from 2011's I'm So Awake/Sleepless I Feel on Staubgold, as well as a track by The International Nothing... And Something (Fagaschinski, Thieke with Christian Weber on double bass and Eric Schaefer on drums) from their forthcoming album on Monotype Records.

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