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Sonic Youth's Other Side

Improvised Roskilde live performances to be released on a CD-only self release

The next installment of Sonic Youth's series of experimental and mostly instrumental releases is 'Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth' and will be available July 28 2008 in a CD-only edition self-released on the band's own SYR label. This disk presents the complete 'Other Sides of Sonic Youth' improvised live performance from the 2005 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, featuring Sonic Youth (with Jim O'Rourke) and guests Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, and Japanese sound artist Masami Akita (aka Merzbow). The single piece performed was a structured improvisation which for 60 minutes added and subtracted musicians one by one until only Masami was left onstage.