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Producer Alan Douglas dies

Producer Alan Douglas, who worked on records by Jimi Hendrix, the Last Poets and Duke Ellington among others, has died age 82.

Douglas was perhaps most well known regarding disputes around his work on posthumously music by Jimi Hendrix. Douglas struck up a friendship with Hendrix in 1969. After Hendrix died Douglas was charged with compiling albums from the unreleased material. In 1975 two albums came out, but were widely criticised after it was revealed he had replaced Hendrix's backing musicians with freshly recorded music. Douglas stated the replacements were in order to keep Hendrix's popular appeal intact, editing out what he thought to be sub standard backing instrumentation in the original recordings.

He worked at United Artists Records in the early 1960s before forming his own label. He recorded two Eric Dolphy albums in his earlier years at FM Records, and later published work by Timothy Leary and Lenny Bruce, and notably brought Duke Ellington, Max Roach and Charles Mingus into the studio together to record Money Jungle.