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Documentary on The Chills set for release in 2019

The film will document the New Zealand group's story through its ever changing line-up and founder Martin Phillipps’s battle with depression and addiction

A documentary on Martin Phillipps's long running project The Chills is in the early stages of production. Due for release in 2019, the film will document Phillipps's life and the project which he formed in Dunedin in 1980. Phillipps is the only member to have stayed with the group throughout its career. Other members have included Peter Gutteridge, Jane Dodd, Rachel Phillipps, Alan Haig, Justin Harwood, Caroline Easther, Jimmy James Stephenson and others. Placing itself at the forefront of the Dunedin sound, The Chills were one of the highest profiling acts on the country's famous Flying Nun label.

Currently in the early stages of production by Notable Pictures NZ and in association with Fire Films UK, the documentary still needs to raise NZD 60,000 and the film makers have set up a Kickstarter to do so. Rewards include exclusive artwork by Phillipps, memorabilia and limited edition music.

Phillipps says “While I have been through some very dark times I have never stopped believing in and fighting for my music. But now I also have to fight for my recovery and my very life. Bad decisions and bad luck really have taken their toll. I've been forced to take better control of my health and make the best possible use of whatever remaining time I have.

“I must organise my legacy, as I am the only person who can accurately do that. And I must try to make the best and most honest music I have ever made - especially since the band is in the perfect state for this to happen. In some ways, the future is looking brighter, but there are still some darker possibilities. Whatever happens, I want to share it all with the documentary and make some damn fine cinema.”

You can support the project via Kickstater.