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Mapping the sound of protest

Cities And Memory have set up a database for field recordings from the front lines of resistance around the world

An online database mapping the sounds of various protests around the world has just been launched. Created by the UK Oxford based field recording and sound art network Cities And Memory, the interactive map documents demonstrations, political activism and civil resistance from 49 cities and 27 countries. Users can upload their own sounds, and artists have been invited to remix new musical montages from the database contents.

Mostly made this year, the recordings from Chile, Cambodia, Iceland, India, UK, the USA and elsewhere tackle Donald Trump, Brexit, The Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter, G20 and the COP conferences, Women’s March, Islamic State, Syria, education cuts, a radio station closure, and more.

Last August we reported that Cities And Memory had launched a sound map of the London Underground network compiled with the help of London Sound Survey. That map featured recordings and reinterpretations of sounds taken from 55 of the network's 270 stations.