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Borbetomagus film seeks backing

Belgian film maker Jef Mertens is looking for funding to finish a film documenting the 30 year history of noise rock improvisors Borbetomagus. The film includes interviews, live footage from recent shows and archival clips.

Mertens has been working on the documentary with the group's approval since around 2011, when he toured with them for three days. He has so far conducted interviews with Thurston Moore, Byron Coley, Chris Corsano and Jason Gross, and amassed footage from the 1990s, with help from Hijokaidan's Jojo Hiroshige and Opposite Records's Don Sigal.

Borbetomagus's Jim Sauter says: "We met Jef Mertens at the 2009 concert at Instants Chavires. he has really great video footage of the concert… He also interviewed us in the green room just before the gig...

"Byron and I have both told him to finish it when he thinks it's ready. Don't rush it… we'll see what happens."

To be able to complete the film Mertens wants to conduct one final interview with the group, and aims to combine this with a short Borbetomagus tour in Europe. Nothing has been formalised yet, but those interested or with archive footage should contact Jef via the film's site here. Updates as we receive them.