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Four-part documentary series examines migration and its impact on UK music and culture

The series is part of Boiler Room's System project, which also included Gaika's recent installation at Somerset House

As part of its System project, Boiler Room has launched Migrant Sounds, a four-part documentary series examining the positive impact of migration on UK music and culture in the 70 years since the arrival of Caribbean immigrants on the Empire Windrush in 1948. Directed by Jeremy Cole, the series counters the negative coverage and representations of migration perpetuated in western media outlets. The four weekly episodes are titled Arrival, Racism, Identity, and Future Sound.

The first part Arrival focuses on the arrival of the first generation of Caribbean immigrants in the UK through to the current Windrush scandal. Featured in this episode is photographer Pogus Caesar, and the Banton family from the South East London borough of Peckham. Forthcoming episodes will include contributions from gal-dem journalist Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff and stories from A Guy Called Gerald and Skinny Girl Diet.

System has also presented an audio visual installation at Somerset House from Gaika (it closed on Sunday 26 August), and a series of editorial pieces on sound system culture, police hostility, and what it’s like to be queer at West London’s Notting Hill Carnival, all edited by gal-dem Music Editor Antonia Odunlami.

Watch the first episode below.