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Sound Walk Sunday happening across the globe

On 1 September a day of listening launches a month-long run of sound walks

What does a place sound like? What could it sound like? These are the questions posed by Sound Walk September, a month-long series hosted by the Museum Of Walking and Made Of Walking.

“In a world where we more and more rely on digital tools to tell us what to see and what to do, using audio as a guide for exploring what’s around us requires us to take a step back, slow down and experience our environment on different terms, opening ourselves up to a new kind of experience,” says Babak Fakhamzadeh, one of the festival’s co-producers.

Amounting to over 600 events the sound walk celebration begins on 1 September and continues on throughout the month at various locations around the world. Countries taking part include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Poland and the UK.

To coincide with the beginning of Sound Walk September and the end of LISTEN, another sound related event based in Frome, Somerset, Sound Walk co-producers Geert Vermeire and Andrew Stuck will catch up with LISTEN curator Helen Ottaway to discuss whether it is a “paradox or an opportunity to live in a world of disconnection through technology, with (it seems) unending possibilities and create sound walks that connect us with our environment and others?”

More information, including a map of sound walk events, can be found on the Museum of Walking website.