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RVNG marks its 15th birthday sharing slices of music selected by Beatrice Dillon

Her limited edition Selects/Dissects mixtape is released on 14 December

“There’s no real reason we decided to acknowledge RVNG’s 15th anniversary and not our fifth, or even our tenth,” remarks the Brooklyn based label. “But here we are, a decade and a half later and honestly, not so far removed from where we started. We’re still listening and learning, and we’re still loving this fabled label life.”

To mark the occasion, RVNG Intl pay homage to their very first release, a mixtape from Julian S Process (later of Pink Skull), by invited label mate Beatrice Dillon to plunge into the label's back catalogue to present a special anniversary mix.

RVNG Intl At 15: Beatrice Dillon Selects/Dissects is a two part mix that features “loads of cut-ups, blends, edits, layered loops, audio manipulation, collaging, etc”, says Dillon, who adds that some tracks “just run ’cos they sounded great to my ears”.

RVNG hasn’t shared a track list, but you can listen to Side A now via the Soundcloud link on this page.

Beatrice Dillon Selects/Dissects is released on 14 December as limited edition of 250 hand-stamped tapes.