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Keiji Haino debuts composition at Sound Live Tokyo 2015

Keiji Haino to perform his first ever Miracle at this year's Sound Live Tokyo festival

Sound Live Tokyo festival will present the premiere of Keiji Haino's Miracle on 2 October. Touted as Haino's first proper composition, the piece has been 40 years in the making and works as a final response to John Cage’s 4′33″ (and all its subsequent variations). Composed and conducted by Haino and directed by Noriyuki Kiguchi, Miracle is designed for 88 performers to each play one note out of the 88 keys on a piano. Kiguchi has predicted that the success rate of this task will be at around 50 percent. Miracle will be performed at Sogetsu Hall, which became the historic centre of much Japanese and international avant garde activity after it opened in the late 1950s. Indeed, Cage's 0′00″ premiered there in 1962.

The festival, which has been running since 2012, describes itself as an event “that introduces unfashionably critical approaches to sound and music”. The programme also includes works by Giacinto Scelsi, Keizo Mizoiri, Masanori Oishi, Tamao Inano, Yoshiko Kanda, Sumihisa Arima, Ken Jacobs, Aki Onda, Terre Thaemlitz, Christine Sun Kim, Joe Morris, Tatsuhiko Asano, Takako Minekawa, Jim O’Rourke, Phew, and more.

Sound Live Tokyo will take place at various venues in Tokyo between 2 October–23 December. More information can be found here.