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Keiji Haino New Album Incoming

There's a new album on the way from Keiji Haino called Un Autre Chemin Vers L'Ultime, on Prele Records. The album exchanges Haino's usual mass of pedals and wires for solo voice, recorded in various resonant spaces in June last year. The central recording of the album is an hour-long section captured in a cave in La Haye de Routot, France.

Satoko Fujimoto from Prele says "Of all the spaces visited, amongst them many churches and caves, a forest, a cliff, a tunnel, industrial wastelands, etc, it was in a quarry cave in the village of La Haye de Routot that he was able to release his entire being, offering up one hour of introspective song, so good that I believed at one moment I saw him disappear." More info and audio samples are available at the Prele Records site here.