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Zero books publisher leaves to start new imprint Repeater

Tariq Goddard, Mark Fisher and a number of staff and writers leave imprint to start a new publishing house

Tariq Goddard and a number of staff and writers from Zero books have left the company and have started a new imprint, Repeater. Goddard’s new imprint is run with Mark Fisher, Matteo Mandarini, Alex Niven and Tamar Shlaim.

A post on Facebook by Goddard reads: “I am resigning from the post of publisher of Zero books...Our decision has nothing to do with the content of Zero books or the authors that write them, both of which we are very proud to be associated with, but comes as a consequence of a long standing antagonism with the ownership of John Hunt Publishing, our parent company.”

The new imprint is accepting submissions and its manifesto reads: “Repeater is committed to bringing the periphery to the centre, taking the underground overground, and publishing books that will bring new ideas to a new public.”