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Odd Future To Release Book: Golf Wang

Odd Future have announced that they're releasing a book, titled Golf Wang. It's a collection of their own images, writing, and design, like an Odd Future Tumblr in physical format. Golf Wang is edited by photographer Michael Schmelling (author of Atlanta: Hip Hop And The South and Wire contributor) and TV producer Nick Weidenfeld, but is credited as being entirely the work of the group themselves.

Tyler is quoted as saying: "Some might look at these pictures as just… pictures. But to us these mean something. Great times we’ll never get back. Moments of history that made us... We take a bunch of fucking photos and said fuck it, we like books, lets make one that we like, with the stupid pictures of us that we like."

The Odd Future book is published by Picturebox, and will be released in paperback on 15 November this year. The first 500 pre-orders will receive a photo print signed by Tyler, The Creator.