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Memorial event announced for PSF Records’ Hideo Ikeezumi

Masaki Batoh has organised a concert remembering the man whose label championed the Japanese music underground, with proceeds going to his family

A concert commemorating PSF Records founder Hideo Ikeezumi will take place in Tokyo in June. Ikeezumi, who passed away on 27 February, was central to the Japanese underground music scene, releasing more than 200 titles through his PSF label. Releases on PSF helped countless Japanese musicians gain international recognition; and Ikeezumi’s Tokyo based Modern Music record shop was the go-to place to find the most interesting music emerging from the underground.

The event, happening at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe on 25 June, was organised by The Silence’s Masaki Batoh, formerly of Ghost, and all proceeds will go to Ikeezumi's family. Artists confirmed so far include Keiji Haino & Kazuo Imai, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Ché-SHIZU, Masaki Batoh & Kazuo Ogino, Maki Miura & Rei Yokoyama, High Rise guitarist Munehiro Narita, Makoto Kawashima, À Qui Avec Gabriel, Keiko Higuchi & Louis Inage, Hasegawa Shizuo, .es, Reizen and Go Hirano.

A compilation of unreleased tracks by PSF artists was in the process of being compiled at the time of Ikeezumi's death. The project will still go ahead, released by Disk Union/DIW on a date yet to be confirmed.

“We hope that you will look forward in anticipation for this final PSF release, rich with psychedelic rock, acid folk and free music. Ikeezumi-san may have floated free from the bonds of this world, but I am confident that he too will be looking forward to its release. And I pray that we may hear once more his smiling, well-salted criticism of our efforts," declares a joint statement from PSF artists.

Psychedelic Speed Freaks: Hideo Ikeezumi Memorial Concert will take place on 25 June, starting at 3.30pm, at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo. Advance 3000 yen; door 3500 yen (plus drink).