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Centrum Berlin announces Sonic Lectures programme

After an open call for submissions, Centrum Berlin has announced the programme for its Sunday evening series of Sonic Lectures, which will run from October this year through until September 2012. Sonic Lectures intends to give individuals a chance to give a personal talk on a particular area of music. The series is opened by Leo Zhao, who will look at the connections between ancestral sound and contemporary music. It is followed by Jonny Mugwump talking about the many pronged project that is Exotic Pylon, Rachel O'Dwyer on the Spectres Of Sound Reproduction - a look at how the past continues to haunt contemporary listening, and Wire contributor Philip Freeman talking on German Thrash Metal bands Destruction, Sodom and Kreator.

Also lecturing are Laurent Fintoni, Audiolise, Norman Neubauer, Mike Brooks, Paul Sullivan, Daren Pickles, Nathalie Gravanor, Alex Prestele, Jim Barnett, plus Carl Schilde and Anselm Venezian. For more detailed information on each of the Sonic Lectures at Centrum, head here.