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Subscriber Special: Below The Radar Volume 1

The Wire launches Below The Radar, a major new series of free download compilations

With the September 2009 issue, The Wire has launched Below The Radar, a major new series of free download compilations made available exclusively to all the magazine's subscribers worldwide.

Compiled and produced by The Wire staff, each volume of Below The Radar will act as a showcase for all manner of underground, outsider and experimental sounds.

Below The Radar Volume 1, released to subscribers via the carrier sheet accompanying their September issue, features new or exclusive tracks by: Concern, Starving Weirdos, Harappian Night Recordings, Dredd Foole & Ed Yazijian, Mark Wastell, James Ferraro, Uton, Ghedalia Tazartes, Richard Skelton, Brian Morant, Sudden Infant, Gareth Davis & Steven R Smith, LSD March, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, The Hunter Gracchus, Seymour Wright, and more...

The first volume in the series coincides with the publication of the September 2009 issue. Subsequent volumes will be issued on a quarterly basis.

Here's how it will work: with their copy of the September 2009 issue, all subscribers will be issued with a url for a dedicated Below The Radar webpage, plus a user name and password. Once logged in to the webpage, they will be able to download all the tracks on the compilation. The webpage will also include a set of sleevenotes that will contain biographies and images, links and contact information for all the featured musicians. Logged in subscribers will be able to view the sleevenotes online and/or download them as a pdf file.

To make sure you get access to the first volume of Below The Radar, subscribe now:

NB the second volume of Below The Radar will be made available to subscribers to coincide with the publication of the January 2010 issue of The Wire.