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Ba Da Bing sub label releases lathes of The Dead C, Ben Chasny, Heather Trost and more

Judge Ben Goldberg's priorities as you will: the Brooklyn based Ba Da Bing records label head used his recent honeymoon in New Zealand as an opportunity to start a sub-label, Even More Important.

"I realised it was the perfect opportunity to get some lathe cuts made and avoid the shipping costs to the US, because Peter King over there is world king of lathes," he says. "So, as a way to make my own marriage gift, and to ruin every holiday I ever have by making it at least into a partial business trip, I asked friends whose music I love to make some songs and got them over to Peter for cutting."

The label released a series of 11 lathes in editions of 20–30 (which sold out in around 24 hours) by Six Organs Of Admittance's Ben Chasny, Richard Youngs, A Hawk And A Hacksaw's Heather Trost, plus each member of The Dead C recording solo, among others. Most are sketches, from trickling water and growling metal in the Bruce Russell track "Icestorm", to Michael Morley's drawn out half-riffs, and Ben Chasny's "Wedding Song", a gentle guitar and chorus loop.

Peter King, the lathe cutter in question, lives in a rural area outside of Christchurch, and works out of a trailer in his driveway.

Most of the records sold out in under 24 hours, but are still available to listen to on Bandcamp. The digital download is priced at $1,000, as a workaround for not selling downloads, but still making the tracks available to stream.

The project is self contained, and probably won't be expanded, largely because Goldberg doesn't have any plans to return to New Zealand any time soon – the limited quantities were decided by how many he could fit in his luggage. Asked if there's any link between the artists, Goldberg responds: "The link is that I've been involved professionally with all the artists," he says, "and they are some of my favorite people to work with. I didn't want to deal with any divas or drama with this, only friends who would be into the idea. Then again, telling someone you are doing a 20 edition of a pressing and asking them to take part, that requires someone to be low drama."

More details on Even More Important here, and listen to Michael Morley's contribution below.



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