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Watch Gaika's video for "Bohdy Knows At 90"

London artist Gaika shares video from Machine mixtape

Following the release of his Machine mixtape late last year (as reviewed by Daniel Neofetou in The Wire 383) London based artist Gaika has released a video for the track "Bohdy Knows At 90", directed in collaboration with audiovisual artist Diogo Lopes.

"The song is a prayer for fallen angels," says Gaika. "Watch Point Break (the original) and you'll get it. THIS SONG IS FOR THE THRILL. Sometimes it's like society and culture are just functions of hedonism, guilt and the resulting tension. British people love to profusely apologise and then beat nine bells out of each other in an instant. I wanted to write a song that tackled that in a rap way. I wanted to make a high brow hood anthem, I find things that are at polar opposites often complement each other. To me this song is the sound of wilding out when I was living in Amsterdam, its museums next to brothels and all that good stuff."

Subscribers can read Daniel Neofetou's review of Machine in The Wire 383