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Dirty Electronics Dartington Summer School documentary

At the end of July, John Richards took his Dirty Electronics project to the Dartington Summer School in Devon. Attendees built and played what Richards calls a Faraday Dirty Kinetic Generator (as well as other instruments).

The Faraday Dirty Kinetic Generator charges a capacitor as the tube is shaken and sounds a note. Once each capacitor is fully charged, the players are given a cue to stop shaking, and a continuous tone will sound. The unified single pitch will gradually fragment into downward glissandi and an evolving cluster chord as the capacitors discharge. The instrument building workshop culminated in a performance, which took place 3 August in Dartington's Great Hall.

Andrew Hill filmed and edited a documentary on the summer school, watch it below.

Charge/Discharge (2012) by John Richards [Documentary & Performance] from Andrew Hill on Vimeo.