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Roy Montgomery returns with a four LP box set

The New Zealand guitarist breaks a decade-long silence with his four LP box set RMHQ, released by Grapefruit. You can listen to some RMHQ tracks here

New Zealand guitarist Roy Montgomery is about to release his first album in more than a decade. Called RMHQ, it’s a four LP box set of all new material. The Christchurch based musician worked with various NZ bands throughout the 1980s, including The Pin Group, Dadamah, Dissolve and Hash Jar Tempo. In the late 1990s Montgomery played solo when he wasn’t collaborating with the likes of Flying Saucer Attack, Bardo Pond and, more recently Liz Harris, with whom he released Roy Montgomery/Grouper in 2010.

Written over a short period, RMHQ – in full, Roy Montgomery Headquarters – emerges as a four-part box set containing the albums R:Tropic Of Anodyne, M:Darkmotif Dancehall, H:Bender and Q:Transient Global Amnesia. The albums will be released separately in vinyl and CD formats, or together as a limited edition box set.

Listen to a track from each new release below:

R:Tropic Of Anodyne “If And Only If”

M:Darkmotif Dancehall “Six Guitar Salute To Peter Gutteridge”

H:Bender “A Guitar Called Boomslang”

Q:Transient Global Amnesia “Last Alarm (For Brad Fletcher)”

RMHQ will be released by Grapefruit on 21 October.