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Lost tapes of legendary Manhattan night club Paradise Garage to form a new installation

The Final Night In Paradise features footage taken from the club's closing party, where Larry Levan, Keith Haring and ESG were all present

Boiler Room TV and DJ Harvey have collaborated on a new installation that pays tribute to Larry Levan and New York's famed night club Paradise Garage. The club, founded by Michael Brody in 1977 and known for its garage house music and for being credited as one of the first places to put the DJ at centre stage, was the subject of a limited run 2003 documentary called Maestro, which Boiler Room premiered online last month.

The Final Night In Paradise was directed by Amar Ediriwira and features rare footage taken inside the club at the venue's closing party, projected as a CCTV split screen monitor display. In the shots you can see footage of Keith Haring dancing, Levan DJing and singers Gwen Guthrie and Liz Torres giving a special guest performance. As the footage is without original audio, the imagery has been soundtracked with music selected by DJ Harvey.

“The period of early club culture, and everything that flowed out of America in that golden era, remains a total inspiration for us. David Mancuso, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Francois K, Tee Scott and so many others blazed a trail to a whole new world. In many respects Boiler Room lives in the shadow of these mercurial DJs, so we wanted to go the extra mile to commemorate it” say Ediriwira and producer Gabriel Szatan.

The installation will be screened 24–26 November at The Gallery at Village Underground. On 26 November there will be a party at Village Underground club with a screening of Maestro plus special DJ sets from Nick The Record, Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy and Jamie 3:26.

You can watch a teaser below.