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Lena Platonos documentary Lambda Pi raises money for post-production

Film about Platonos and her impact on Greek electronic music scene needs funding to complete project

Lambda Pi is a new film about the pioneering Greek electronic musician Lena Platonos. Directed by Cristo Petrou, the film looks back at Platonos's works from the mid-1980s including Sun Masks, Gallop and Lepidoptera, the latter two of which were recently reissued by US label Dark Entries, and features interviews with the composer, who is still active today. Music by Platonos makes up the soundtrack alongside remixes by Red Axes and Lena Willikens and unreleased music by Natureboy Flako, Coti K and others. It also features a previously lost demo for Platonos track “Mistaken Love”, discovered while the film makers were researching for the film.

“I've know Lena since my childhood through her participation in Lilipoupoli, a children’s radio show of the 80s,” explains the film's producer Giorgos Karnavas. “Her music was almost in every Greek house by then. I met her again in my twenties when her electronic albums were like the holy grail of the alternative listeners in Greece.” Karnavas previously themed the 2006 edition of the Athens festival Synch on around Platonos and her work. “Two years ago Cristo Petrou, a good friend, came to me with the idea of making a film about Lena and her music and we embarked immediately... Step by step things evolved, we found all her past collaborators back in the 80s and I think we managed to make an 80s visual styled film which is very Greek but also very international and which of course has some great music.”

The team behind the production are now looking to crowdfund the final stages with money going towards clearing music rights and post-production. Donors can bid for items such as T-shirts, reissue LPs, a copy of the documentary and collectables such as the film’s soundtrack with previously unreleased tracks or a copy of the test pressing vinyl. The campaign ends on 20 December. More information can be found at

The film premieres at the Onassis Foundation Cultural Center in Athens on 18 December which will also feature Lena Platonos performing on stage with Philip Jeck, plus DJ support from Josh Cheon of Dark Entries.

You can watch a preview of the film below.